Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

Meerohr - Abalone - Ormeau

Les ormeaux were the first Anreiz  to learn to dive in the Adria, their Perlmutt shining from below.  C'était 1971. Après collecting all sizes an bretonischen Küsten

 I visited Erwan Tonnerres Haliotis factory à Port Tudy, see http://www.groixhaliotis.com/1/

The efforts en France et Irlande se trouve dans "Groix Haliotis démarre ses ventes d’ormeaux d’élevage", La Lettre économique de Bretagne du 25 mars 2009 (http://www.francehaliotis.com/resources/culture+marine+d$C3$A9c+2010.pdf).
Mais unlike abalones growing in their marine appartments haben die wilden Schnecken andere Kontakte.  Sur la coquille d'escargot selected il y a about 20 Spirorbis spirorbis, small coiled polychaetes, 

as wikipedia states : cross fertilising hermaphrodites, who brood their young in a tube attached to the worm inside the shell. The larvae are released at an advanced stage of development and spend just a few hours as free-living organisms before attaching themselves to the nearest suitable surface, often the same seaweed [or snail]  as the parent. In my life as a Meerohr, stelle ich mir vor durchs Meer zu wandern, avec mon colonie des petites worms/Posthörnchenwürmer.
See here a scheme taken from the University of California Press e-books collection:

Vue ici ein Modell der Humboldt Universität Berlin, Zoologische Lehrsammlung:

It has been produced by the Blaschka Studio Dresden en 1887, the Blaschka models are discussed in Historical Biology, Band 20 (2008), Heft 1, S. 19-28.
Die Abalone-Schale ist im French Wikipedia so beschrieben: Elle se transforme peu à peu en animal à coquille dure en 10 à 12 mois environ (la coquille mesure alors 1 cm de long). la face interne de la coquille de l'ormeau est nacrée et irisée, d'un éclat vert, bleu ou rose iridescent.
Das Perlmutt der Schnecke ist ein beeindruckender Werkstoff, Zahnimplantate daraus gab es schon in Maya mummies. Georg Gratwohl from the Bremen University and his colleagues dissolved the proteins des coquille and achieved a template-directed crystallization with Calcium salts, see leur projet "Perlmutt als Vorbild für Werkstoffe von morgen"


une application possible is a crystallizing colour which is stable, but may be removed again, Schicht bei Schicht.
As reviewed recently by Jiyu Sun and Bharat Bhushan (RSC Adv., 2012, 2, 7617) this is quite an international research topic, see the intro:
Nacre (known as mother of pearl) is the iridescent inner shell layer of some mollusks. Nacre is composed of 95 wt% aragonite (a crystallographic form of CaCO3) and 5 wt% organic materials (proteins and polysaccharides). It is well known that it exhibits high fracture toughness, much greater than that of monolithic aragonite, because of its ingenious structure.
Mais aussi il y a des autres passengers, bryozaires (Moostierchen). They aussi have an exoskelett, made from chitin, gehärtet mit CaCO3
See them circled red by Jörn von Döhren. One needs a microscope pour identification, see images of  Electra pilosa et Membranipora membranicea:

Diese haben eher die verlassene Schale besiedelt.
L’idée pour le lino était de travail eine Raumstruktur avec des Schattierung.