Donnerstag, 1. August 2013

departure at sunrise

Revisiting the topic „Ausfahrt“, sortie, or “le matin”

the moment of passing the Leuchtturm with a linkskurve, the boat tilting to the right, here seen in the morning avec Cupidon II de Thierry Orvoën:

at sunrise, “joie des anges” (right) goes straight, while sich cupidon neigt. In the lino angles and dimensions have been slightly changed:

with a deuxième plate colours of the morning sun were introduced

 Thierry (“J'ai commencé avec mon père. J'ai repris ensuite un bateau plus petit il y a dix ans, car je ne trouvais plus sur l'île de matelots pour former un equipage”, see Les derniers pêcheurs groisillons, by Sophie Paitier - Le Télégramme, at the site de Defi 2009, is one of the few Fischer left at Groix. See hier the crew (Erwan Dubois, Alber Goarin, Thierry Orvoen, Jean-MarcHess, Marc Carradec, PatrickSaigot et Loïc le Garrec ) winning the défi groisillon

The decline of fishery, especially coastal fishery is a complex topic avec different issues worldwide, including industrial developments and marine ecology. While in the 30 Groix had more than 300 boats, there remained about 30 in the 70s and now the number goes to 1%. See examples at Port Tudy in the 90s:

Cupidon, Cupido, Cupid or Amor, fils de Venus est le dieu de l’amour. One of the best representations and known is from William Bougereau, 1825-1905, (“Un peintre de la femme”), academic painter and traditionalist

 In a biographical sketch by Damien Bartoli and Fred Ross it is stated in the English version: After three quarters of a century in obscurity, all of the museums in the world that owned Bouguereau paintings, finally in the early 1980's realized what treasures they had. Today, over 100 museums around the world have placed Bouguereau paintings on permanent exhibit in their most prestigious galleries (at least those which had not been foolish enough to sell off their Bouguereau paintings earlier in the century when his work was being ridiculed and degraded by modernist pedagogues) (

His life has fascinating aspects, like the deaths of 3 of his 5 children and his first wife, and the late marriage with his American student and fellow painter Elizabeth Jane Gardner (1837-1922), see the joint expo 1984 of the museums Paris, Montréal and Hartford.
As an example see here the wave

The name cupidon or Amor have been used occasionally pour les bateau:

Also in the 1907 built Berlin Fahrgastschiff

Next time à Groix meet Thierry dans son shop at Port Tudy, quai sud